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Environmentally friendly solar Jar

"Enjoy New York sunlight at Alaska"

A Jar that can store light!Out side it Just like ordinary jam jar use to stores jam,but these phenomenal Sun jar do collects sunlight.

Build in Environmentally friendly solar cell,the sun jar collects sun in a jar!It's an award-winning design Innovative product that made the jar loke a jar from fairytale..

How it work
Place the solar powered mood lamp on a window sill or on the balcony during the day and feed it with sunshine. When it gets dark, the astounding Sun Jar magically switches itself on and emits a wonderful ambient amber glow.

When it fully charged, the Jar will glow for up to 5 hours so you can enjoy a sun-lit midnight dinner even when you don’t live in Alaska!okay you don't enough sun light to "change the jar at Alaska,BUT you can collect the sun light from say New York then fly to Alaska.sO NOW YOU CAN enjoy New York sunlight at Alaska.

Back to the story.These jars come with difference warm coloured,the solar-powered sunjar will help you chase the winter blues away and it can be used as an solar environmentally friendly night light for your child’s bedroom.

The Jar is waterproof, so it’s simply perfect to provide a natural chill out atmosphere in your bathroom.

Without any doubt, it gonna makes a charming gift for everyone who loves the sun!Especially those who live in places that lack of sunshine like Alaska.;-)

Secret reveal/truth/Behind the scene:

It just an energy efficient LEDs inside the jar create the illusion of natural sunshine emitting from the Mason jar. 

*Googgle "Sunjar" To Buy SunJar

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home4eco said...

The Sun Jar looks like a great summer gift. I'm def asking for one for my birthday.


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