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10 Real Ghost Houses Stories

 Have you visited a ghost house? If You are trapped inside a haunted house with real ghosts inside. What you gonna do?or whose you don't know it was a ghost house.Below listed top#10 REAL ghost house selected by drop it2blog. Nice building but scary story.Anyway I dare you to visit the last one #10. Yeah I do if i have a change..

 1.The Lemp Mansion
The Lemps' 1860s Italianate house had been a local marvel: newly patented radiant heat, an open-air elevator, 33 rooms. After the death (by natural causes) of the last Lemp son, the place became a boarding house. In 1977, renovations transformed it into a restaurant and inn—but not without difficulty. Ghostly barking and piano music, slamming doors, burning sensations, faces in the windows—the place was so spooky that several construction workers fled the jobsite.

Real Ghost Houses Story

St. Louis' German-American brewing dynasty controlled the largest suds operation in town in the mid-19th century. But the death of favorite son Frederick triggered a chain of family suicides that felled William, William Jr., Elsa, and Charles Lemp. They killed themselves; Prohibition killed their business.

 2.Hampton Lillibridge House
 Before he was tried four times for the same murder, antiques dealer, Savannah swell, and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil protagonist Jim Williams moved a house. It was the 1796 Hampton Lillibridge House, built by a Yankee in the Georgian style.Where's The Ghost:During its relocation, a worker was crushed when a neighboring house collapsed.

Eerie incidents ensued and continue to this day: a Dixieland band strikes it up, footsteps are heard where no one is walking, the specter of a dark-suited man in a top hat haunts the second floor, and a couple of wraiths in formal attire occupy the widow's walk. The dead sprung to life, so to speak, when the house was hauled a few blocks to its current location in 1963.

3.Winchester Mystery House
Sarah Winchester suffered a guilty conscience. The diminutive heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune was informed by a medium that it was her duty to go West and build a home.

Real Ghost Houses Story

This home was to house herself and all the victims killed by Winchester rifles. There were an awful lot of victims. From 1884 for 38 years around the clock, the Queen Anne was built. One hundred-and-sixty rooms, 467 doorways (many leading nowhere), 40 stairways (ditto on the nowhere), 47 fireplaces, 17 chimneys, 52 skylights, 20,000 gallons of paint, two basements, and $5.5 million dollars later, Sarah died.

She left behind a host of apparitions, from balls of light to floating spectres to whispering, door-slamming poltergeists. Sarah stipulated in her will that the ghosts continue to enjoy the good "life", treated as they had been to five-course banquets served with solid gold table settings when Sarah was alive. This is the Winchester Mystery House. But hey! be prepare when visiting the link,there are scary music and story

4.Apalatea/Burlando House.
In California's Kern River Valley is a patchwork quilt of a town made up of swatches of historic mining camps. Silver City Ghost Town, a museum and film location, is kept by its owners in "arrested decay", as if it were only yesterday that the Gold Rush ran dry.

Real Ghost

 If you've got a ghost town, you'd better have some ghosts, and among the historic structures hauled onto the site, none is more accommodating to that crowd than the Apalatea/Burlando House. The oldest building in the Valley was once the home of the prolific Francisco Apalatea, husband to three and father of 13.

The house is haunted by childcare's mother Mattie, who lifts shot glasses into the air and rocks in the "unoccupied" rocker. But she's not the only undead here. Apparently those '49ers threw a heck of a party: a caretaker once overheard a haunted hoe-down, complete with ghost fiddle, phantom card shuffling, and incorporeal laughter.

 5.John's Mansion
John Francis Rague, architect of Iowa's Old Capitol, poured his monumentalist talents into this 1856 Italianate mansion for Dubuque lead mining mogul Mathias Ham. From his riverside mansion, Ham monitored merchant and pirate ships along the Mississippi.

Real Ghost Houses Story

 The house eventually passed to his children. His last unmarried daughter, Sarah, was living alone there when she shot an intruding buccaneer and killed him. In 1964 when the house was converted to a museum, the pirate ghost took to shivering timbers: lights turned off and on by themselves; organ music streamed from sockets. Electricians couldn't figure it out. But current curator Tacie Campbell seems as if she has—she says the haunting was a hoax concocted by well-meaning volunteers trying to drum up interest in the nascent landmark.

6. Wharton's house
Chill in the air? It could be Edith Wharton. The celebrated author of over 40 books, including The Age of Innocence, House of Mirth, and her final collection, Ghosts, designed and built her massive house and gardens in Lenox, Massachusetts starting in 1902. Wharton's house was inspired by the Palladian-style Belton House in England, and incorporated classical Italian and French influences. She named the place The Mount.

Though Wharton sold it in 1912, she had so adored The Mount that she haunted it after her 1937 death. In the late '70s, a voice teacher for the theater group that then occupied the house was startled from her nap in Wharton's old writing quarters by an extreme plunge in the room's temperature. She awoke to find Wharton, Wharton's husband, and her male secretary, all of whom turned to look at her.You can't say a word .don't you?

7. The National Historic
Doric columns announce this 1861 Greek Revival in Demopolis, Alabama. But it's not the imposing facade that lures ghosthunters to Gaineswood; it's what lurks underground.
visit Real Ghost Houses

The National Historic Landmark is haunted by Evelyn Carter, by some accounts a household assistant and by others the sister-in-law of Nathan Bryan Whitfield, the mid-19th-century cotton magnate who built the place. Evelyn fell ill and died in the cold months. Whitfield laid Evelyn to provisional rest until the spring thaw, stowing her body beneath the cellar stairs. But Evelyn's spirit wouldn't lie still; it took to pitter-pattering, rustling skirts, and chirping ditties beneath the floorboards. They say visitors who tour the house's domed rooms can sense her presence today.

8. Queen Anne mansion
Nice Mansion owned by George Ferris,he was thrown from a carriage and killed before his house's completion in 1903. The place seemed cursed; a roofer fell to his death during construction, and the Ferris' young son died in 1904 there when a loaded gun he was playing with went off. All in all, four of the Ferris' seven children died in strange accidents.

The folks who live in the house now have retired from the innkeeping business, but back when they ran the place as a B&B, ghosts often awakened their guests at night. And the spectre of a woman could be seen tending to nonexistent plants out front. Story has it that this was Julia Ferris, possibly assuaging her grief with some ghostly gardening.

9.North Carolina Executive Mansion
In 1970 when Governor Bob Scott moved a hundred-year-old behemoth of a bed out of his room and into a spare room on the third floor of the North Carolina Executive Mansion, he didn't expect to so upset one of his predecessors. But Governor Daniel Fowle wasn't having it. The widower politician had been in office when state penitentiary workers completed the brick-and-sandstone Queen Anne in Raleigh in 1891. But he died of a heart attack in the massive bed a few short months after moving in.

The bed's departure from Fowle's former bedroom precipitated the deceased governor's protestations in the form of a nightly spectral rapping that ensued promptly at 10 PM. Though the eventual return of the bed to what Fowle's spirit apparently believes to be its rightly place in the house put an end to the racket, the Executive Mansion's current resident manager, Jean Carroll, says affectionately, "We blame everything that goes on here on Governor Fowle."

10.The White House
 You know where it is.Built in America's capitol city, Washington D.C., The White House can be found at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.It believe there are at least two restless spirits make their residence there, and don't have to go through security, or have secret service people following their every move.Well,the most troubled, restless spirit has to be President Lincoln, who left a lot of unfinished business and unfulfilled plans for the nation when he unexpectedly was killed.

Lincoln was visually seen by Mary Even, who was Eleanor Roosevelt's servant. She saw the apparition of Lincoln in the northwest bedroom, busily trying to pull on his boots. Others has seen him lying quietly on his bed, deep in thought.

Others has seen him standing at the oval window which is located over the main entrance of the White House. Mrs. Roosevelt had felt a presence watching her when she was working late. The late Queen Wilhelmia, while sleeping in the Queen's room, was awakened by knocking at her door. When she opened the door, she came eyeball to eyeball with the apparition of Lincoln, and promptly fainted.

During the eve of a National crisis, such as war, his spirit is very restless and his presence is felt round - the - clock, in silent support of his beloved country, the United States of America.

Lincoln's dead sons, Pat and Willie, were said to have regular visits with their family.Members of the Taft family saw Abigail Adams walk right through the closed doors of the East Room, with outstretched arms.Still Haunted?Yes.

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