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How People Under Extimate The Power of Hurricane

When your government warm you that there are " Hurricane conditions" coming to your town,it mean mean winds of 74 mph or higher and/or dangerously high tides or waves going to hit your living area. Weather will be terrible you better be prepare. Below photos of How People Prepare for Hurricane .Some clearly under estimate the power of the wind..It seem they really need to study 12 Life Saving facts About Tornadoes Is this will prevent the storm and wind? Having a party at safer place? It prevent the rat to smudge inside or what? Can we save The window? Nice try,but you roof will fly if it is a real Hurricane.... s How strong can it hold? If you live in US,you can consider moving towards evacuation zones ,what's an evacuation zone? it is a place where you can can evacuate.You can find one near you at , Some others useful tips found from What can you do: • Stock up on yo

Most Narrow House in the World

The Skinny House located at Boston, Massachusetts, US.10.4 feet on one end and 9.2 on the other for a total of 964 square feet, five doors in the entire space, the floors are all that divvies up the rooms. it is an extremely narrow four-story house reported by the Boston Globe as having the "uncontested distinction of being the narrowest house in Boston.( wiki ) If you think it is the it is too narrow for human being to move in,check out another extremely narrow house located at Warsaw, Poland .It is a 4 floor apartment, length about 12 meters, the house, including bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen, with width of only 1.5 m.