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Most Narrow House in the World

The Skinny House located at Boston, Massachusetts, US.10.4 feet on one end and 9.2 on the other for a total of 964 square feet, five doors in the entire space, the floors are all that divvies up the rooms. it is an extremely narrow four-story house reported by the Boston Globe as having the "uncontested distinction of being the narrowest house in Boston.( wiki ) If you think it is the it is too narrow for human being to move in,check out another extremely narrow house located at Warsaw, Poland .It is a 4 floor apartment, length about 12 meters, the house, including bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen, with width of only 1.5 m.    

Capture of Cute Lovely Deer And Cat

A few words describe these amazing animals: cute ,lovely and Warm ........ In our daily live ,they are always had the moments where we can capture some lovely moments through artworks like this one:deer and cat cure photo. Right click the photo and save it as your wallpaper to remind you that love is always in the air... News Sources: The moment was captured at the Odessa Zoo, Ukraine, and stopped visitors in their tracks as they passed by the enclosure. As the baby deer rested in the shade during a warm summers day the domestic zoo cat approached. After a quick hello both decided a bit of sleep was in order and the ginger moggy nestled peacefully into the side of the deer. Photographer Vitaly Ktach snapped the special moments and said everyone was watching on in amazement. 'The affectionate behaviour of the cat towards the young deer had myself and other visitors watching in disbelief,' explained Ktach. 'The cat seemed to really taki

bird turtle

A bird is not happy with the new comer pet ;turtle. .. He actually put it in an action and pushes the newcomer into the trash bin..Luckily the owner is there or it will "disposable" forever.

How Squirrel eats a peanut

How Squirrel eats a peanut FAST How fast can squirrel eat a peanut ? 3 second English Name :Squirrel Chinese name :大尾鼠,松鼠

Home Made Bus Air Conditional System

The vehicle that use home air conditional system instead of car air conditional.The bus owner has his bus air conditioning installed not from the auto repair shop but DIY In order to save cost, he decided to do it himself and mounted an home use air conditioner into the vehicle and a generator to run it. Real view is the compressor and evaporator Split unit air conditioner Inside the bus Location:China Posted :

Hacking ATM Madness

Stealing money from ATM seem hard?Is it possible to hack the bank ATM machine ? Yes ,we can hack the ATM.There are professional theft out there who specialize in stealing money from ATM machine.It is necessary for automated teller machines (ATMs) to put an eyes on the machines,one of the method is to put a surveillance camera on it .However ,there are always some funny and crazy things happened! Spy wireless camera that installed by the ATM hacker The holder looked like a normal, but when people put their cards in the machine, it would captures their card information and record the PIN numbers they entered. How to prevent ATM scam?The funny ways... although Automated system come with an encrypted card and a PIN number,the bank seem need more protection We all hate to go to bank but how about the ATM machine that build inside a container? The stupidest ATM scammer Dare to Put the cash inside the box? The bank is trying very hard to prevent unauthorized cash withdraw G

How People Under Extimate The Power of Hurricane

When your government warm you that there are " Hurricane conditions" coming to your town,it mean mean winds of 74 mph or higher and/or dangerously high tides or waves going to hit your living area. Weather will be terrible you better be prepare. Below photos of How People Prepare for Hurricane .Some clearly under estimate the power of the wind..It seem they really need to study 12 Life Saving facts About Tornadoes Is this will prevent the storm and wind? Having a party at safer place? It prevent the rat to smudge inside or what? Can we save The window? Nice try,but you roof will fly if it is a real Hurricane.... s How strong can it hold? If you live in US,you can consider moving towards evacuation zones ,what's an evacuation zone? it is a place where you can can evacuate.You can find one near you at , Some others useful tips found from What can you do: • Stock up on yo