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Drop and Fall.Jack and Prince

drop titanic
Casting:Jack.Rose.Mr.Bean...and more (This Jack isn't that Jack)
Producer:Internet+dropit2 FAST

Act 1 Scene 1

(Jack’s mother was gambling.)

Mom: Oh, no, not again. (Roaring) Jack, Jack, where are you?

Jack: Here I am, mom. What’s up?

Mom: Send that old cow to the market to exchange some money back.

Jack: But mom, if I sold Rose, we would have no milk anymore.

Mom: Shut up. Do as I said.

Jack: (sign) All right, all right.

  Act 1 Scene 2

(In the market.)

Little Gal: Sir, do you wnt any matches? If you buy ten boxes, I’ll give a 40 percent discount.

Jack: Sounds terrific. But I don’t have any money.

Little Gal: Please, sir, I haven’t eaten anything for three days. I’d like to exchange your cow with my matches.

Jack: Sorry, but I don’t need matches. Good-bye, and good luck to you.

Old man: Sir, since the sun is burning, would you like some ice cream?

Jack: Thank you, but I don’t really feel like eating ice cream. See you.

Mr. Bean: I have soybeans, mung beans, green beans, broad beans, green soybeans, peas, and above all, the most amazing beans in the world --- magic beans.

Jack: Wow, sounds wonderful. Beans is my favorite food, I can't wait to have a bowl of bean soup. I would like to buy all the beans with this cow.

Mr. Bean: This cow? What do I need this old skinny cow for? Go away, don’t bother me, kid.

Jack: Sir, please. My mom always told me “Helping someone in need is a honorable deed.”

Mr. Bean: All right, all right. (Sign) Today isn’t my day.

Act 2

(Jack went home.)

Jack: Mom, where are you? See what I have got.

Mom: Oh, Jack, you must have brought me lots of shining gold. Oh, I’m so excited. (Walked to Jack) What? You used our pretty cow to buy all this junks? Have you lost your mind?

Jack: Mom, these are no junks. There are soybeans, mung beans, green beans, broad beans, green soybeans and magic beans.

Mom: Magic beans? It doesn’t look magical at all. The vendor must be cheating you. I’ll keep other beans, but these magic beans, (opened the window) I’ll just throw them away.

Entrecard place
Act 3

(The next morning)

Jack: Ah, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the breeze is whispering, it should be a perfect day. (He looked out of the window) Oh, my God, the magic beans have grown to a huge beanstalk! It’s can be true, it must be my imagination!

Prince: Help, help.

Jack: The voice came from the clouds, how strange! I must go and see what’s going on up there. (He climbed up. Then he saw the prince was stocked in a castle.)

Jack: Hi, what happen to you? How can I help you?

Prince: It’s a long stories, I’ll tell you only if you take one of my leg hair.

(Jack took the prince’s leg hair, and the prince became as small as normal people. The prince opened the door, and welcomed Jack in.)

Prince: Thank you a million for saving my life. How can I ever repay you?

Jack: That’s no big deal. So what’s your story?

Prince: Once upon a time,..

Jack:Wait,do you have other type of opening?



Jack:keep talking then.

Prince: Once upon a time,there's a greedy witch who would even destroy the world only to get my hen and harp.

Jack: Your hen and harp? I don't see they worth it.

Prince: You don't understand, the hen can produce many golden eggs, and the harp is made of gold it can sing beautiful melodies.


Prince:One day, the witch turned me to a giant and flew away with my hen and harp.

Jack: What are you going to do now?

Prince: Of course I’m going to pay my revenge. Are you going to come with me?

Jack: Well, I’ll would like to, but -------

Prince: What?

Jack: My mom always told me “No money, no help.”

Prince: Let’s make a deal—you help me to fight against the witch, and I’ll give you ten thousand golden eggs.

Jack: That’s the deal.

Act 4

(At the witch’s house)

Witch: One egg, two eggs, three eggs. Oh, I’m so rich, ha, ha, ha ---------

(Jack and Prince ran into the house.)

Prince: You devil, I’m here to fight for justice. Give me my hen and harp back.

Witch: Very well, you wnt your stuff back? Then you have to knock me down first.

(Took out a box) Here, pick two scripts to determine your destiny.

Prince: (picked a script) Oh no, Jack, I don’t know how to gamble!

Jack: That’s OK. Let me help you. My mother always told me “Get me a chair!”

(Jack won)

Prince: Oh yes, yes, we win. (They hugged)

Witch: Not yet, you still have to go through another test – sumo.

(Prince almost failed)

Prince: Jack, do something, don't just stand there watching.

Jack: Don’t worry. I have a secret weapon.

(Took out a basket of beans and spread them on the ground.)

(Witch fell down)

Jack & Prince: We’re the kings of the world.

Act 5

(They ran out of the witch's house and returned to the prince's palace.)

Prince: Jack, thank for your generous help. I couldn’t defeat that wicked witch without you.

Jack: Well, I’m flattered. Since you’ve finished your revenge, could you go home with me?

Prince: Jack, you’re the best friend that I’ve ever had. But I belong here. This is my home.

Jack: (start weeping) But what about me? What am I going to do?

Prince: Trust me, you’ll be remembered in my mind until the end of time. In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the stars at nigh. You – only you – will have stars that can laugh.

Jack: I’ll cherish the memories we had together as sparkling diamonds.

(Jack’s mom was gambling,again..)

Mom: (shouting) Oh, my God, oh, my God. Jack, I become a millionaire.

Jake: It’s time for me to go. Good-bye, my friend. Take good care of yourself.

Prince: So do you, my friend. (They hugged) Go, go, I have a surprise for you down there.

(Jack rushed down. He saw a present was wrapped neatly. He tore it off and burst out of yelling.)

Jack: (hold the prince’s toy tightly and walked to the window, smiling at the stars.)

Thank you, my friend.


Some time drop doesn't mean you're fall.Losing doesn't mean you're lost.


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