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How People Under Extimate The Power of Hurricane

When your government warm you that there are "Hurricane conditions" coming to your town,it mean mean winds of 74 mph or higher and/or dangerously high tides or waves going to hit your living area. Weather will be terrible you better be prepare.

Below photos of How People Prepare for Hurricane .Some clearly under estimate the power of the wind..It seem they really need to study 12 Life Saving facts About Tornadoes

Is this will prevent the storm and wind?

Having a party at safer place?

It prevent the rat to smudge inside or what?

Can we save The window?

Nice try,but you roof will fly if it is a real Hurricane....


How strong can it hold?

If you live in US,you can consider moving towards evacuation zones ,what's an evacuation zone? it is a place where you can can evacuate.You can find one near you at www.NYC.gov/hurricanezones,

Some others useful tips found from http://blogs.villagevoice.com

What can you do:
• Stock up on your favorite booze(s), a supply of cash in case ATMs don't work, or you can't get to them, plus cash is just good to have, says Mom, and at least one yellow rain slicker so you can wear it while raising your fist to the sky in the driving rain and shouting, "Come and get me, mother fucker, I dare you!" (If you feel up to it.)

• Charge your cell phone. But it probably won't work in an emergency, as we learned yesterday, mostly because everyone will be calling everyone. Invite your friends over and get drunk instead. Unless you live in a high-rise building above the 10th floor. Find some friends downstairs.

• Take a moment to employ the tagline from the 1979 movie Hurricane, "There is only one safe place... in each other's arms."

• Back up your computer. Why? Because we've been being told to do this for years and in a hurricane you might actually have time to do it.

• Get some canned goods, and maybe some milk and bread. We're not really sure why, but this seems to be what you're supposed to eat in a hurricane.

• Take your weather vane off the roof. And your pool chairs or whatever, if you're a jerk with a pool. Bring stuff inside, and weigh down stuff that you can't bring inside so it doesn't fly away and/or hit somebody in the head.


Don't PanicLike it or not , when the storm is projected to hit, don't freak out. It's going to be OK. just make sure you are prepared, this is not the end of the world.(we are not having earthquake like The movie 2012) .You are not going to die. Well, all of those 2012 things could happen. But they probably won't. Probably. So just chill.btw you night interested in check out 10 Most Damaging Tornado that ever hit the surface of planet earth on our previous post.

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