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9 mysteries of human behavior

There are many things we do in life for purpose , but some of it we just can't explain especially emotion.What is the reason WE ARE LIVING on this planet earth? why we (human) has those kind of human behavior that animal doesn't has?

Below forwarded Four Types of Human Behavior According To The Talmud.The Talmud tell us about four types of human behavior and Rabbi Ovadya from Bartnora explains:

1) Mine is Mine and Yours is Yours

This is a medium behavior.

“I don’t want to bestow on you, and I wish you wouldn’t bestow on me.”

And some say this kind of behavior is similar to the behavior of the people in the city of Sodom.

Example: I give something to someone and to benefit him, he will be happy and I shall not lose anything; Such a behavior could not exists in the City of Sodom, because the people of Sodom could not see anybody being happy or enjoy life. See

2) Mine is Yours and Yours is Mine

Somebody who enjoys life and lets anybody enjoy life as well. This is a common behavior, but this kind of behavior also shows ignorance since people ignore the verse written in Proverbs 15:27 “The one who hates gifts shall live“. And this is a common behavior among people all over the place, that want to improve their behavior but do not have the sense to distinguish the right track.

In modern English we could translate this as:”Live and let live!

3) Mine is Yours and Yours is Yours

This is the behaviour of a devotee (Hassid). He lets people enjoy his properties and he doesn’t take from others. In this kind of behavior we see a person who shows some value and adopts the Creator‘s quality that the only reason of his existence is to bestow.

4) Yours is Mine and Mine is Mine

This is how the Talmud describes “evil”.

Pirkei Avot chapter 5;9:10

img: AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike Some rights reserved by Wessex Archaeology

This is how the Talmud describes “evil”.

sources :http://hebrew.learnoutlive.com/four-types-of-human-behavior-according-to-the-talmud/

Some others wired human behavior

Illustration#2 :HE HE.....HA HA HA.......Happy than ever before

Dreaming:Check out Sweet Dream Vs Nightmares


Illustration#4 :I DREAM THEREFORE I AM



Picking your nose:

gold miner
Illustration#5 :I do it at home.It's My Home Base Business

7 – Adolescence:

8 – Altruism:

Illustration#8: All you need is love
9 – Art:
Illstusion#9: Xmen storm Boy?

Illustration 1:A shy Boy via ePi.Longo
Illustration 2:Nine-month-old Jayce of Cary, North Carolina, who burst into laughter when the wind blew in his face.*Courtesy Nora Kelly
Illustration 3.Ice mountain monkey kissing .via Michele Burgess
Illustration 8.All you need is love via Craf
Illustration 9:My sweet young man via 1Happysnapper

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CHRIS said...

Nice post

Anonymous said...

i concur

Anonymous said...

I find the graph on adolescence extremely disturbing. Allowing only "Divorce" or "Failed Entrepreneurship" as options. Some of us are intelligent enough to realize that that is not all that life has to offer.
People must first realize how diffent humans are compared to other mammals before they think that these traits are inexplainable.
Think about how long the human genus has been surviving. Just because the homo-sapien is now the common being, imagine what it was like to be the very first human. You would have to worry about food, survival of the fittest. Our brains and bodies have been hard at work for thousands and thousands of years.

End of Transmission.


Admin said...


That graph is actually for corporate adolescence.

There is also no intention for that graph to apply to human. It just a references,however i really think everyone has they own journey of life,of cause unless you are intelligent enough. You can draw a graph that suit for everyone.

The "graph"has been removed and located at:

Admin said...

P/S:Just to let you know that the previous sentence was made on purpose so that some hatred comments would be paving its way.

Evan said...

We have to test it against the real world and not simply stop at the point when we've made up the theory. It's not scientists who are being undemocratic in restricting our choice of belief in a medicine.

Denel said...

Many of us have superstitions – odd, reassuring habits that make no rational sense – but there may be an underlying reason for such behaviour


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