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I Drop A Message To God

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My God like
I Drop A Message To God

Walk into child’s mind?

If you could ask God a question, what would that be? How A Child Thinks Regarding THE EXIST OF GOD? What would they say to GOD.

We often use our experiences to help us make decisions in life. But sometime try to think like a child .You will be amazed at how this simple though will change how you feel to the your world..

  • "Dear God ,are you really invisible or is that just a trick? "
  • "Dear God,Did you mean for giraffe to look like that or it just an accident?"
  • "Dear God,Instead of letting people die and having to make new one,why don;t you just keep the ones you got now?"
  • "Dear God,I went to this wedding and they kissed right in the church,is that okay?"
  • "Dear God ,In bible times,did they really talk about fancy?"
  • "Dear God ,I am American,what are you? "
  • "Dear God,Thank you for the baby brother but what i prayed for was a puppy. "

child and god 1.jpg

child and god church 2.jpg
child and god 4.jpg

Walk into child’s mind.Knowing that Life is just like a roller coaster.You Just gotta ride it.....

By:Drop it2 The Motivational Blog

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Georgios Paraskevopoulos said...

Since when I was a young boy, I dreamed to be close to people of wisdom, to learn about life. I told myself “you must understand the world to be part of it and contribute to bettering it”

I met many wise people. Most of them said there is God and others that there is no god, and they argued with statements. I could not understand why there is no God. I did not come from nowhere. Something out there in the wide space must have started an evaluation that never stops. The crafts behind this are very strong and very well organized to give universal balance and harmony. These powers some people call them demons, others call them great gods, others mother nature and finally in modern religions, God.

Sitting down on a nice day in the free nature’s state, I let my mind free to wave in micro-cosmos, meso-cosmos and the macro-cosmos. I could see the relationship among the demons, the great gods, Mother Nature and God. I could also see that we are a part of it all; there and then I understood that everything is specially planned in complete excellence and total unity.


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