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Top 10 Best Roller Coaster Ever

Top 10 Best Awards By Dropit2 .Category: Roller Coaster

Best Design Roller coaster

This roller coaster just like a dragon dive into a pool of water .The Chinese dragon.

It like saying the word "LOVE...." in the sky!

Best Power Saving Roller coaster

Powered by Human ,It good for your hearth and help lose weight.

Best DIY Roller coaster


Now everyone can have a Roller Coaster ,at home with this "Do It Yourself DIY roller coaster"

Best Heart Attack Roller Coaster


I feel like I am on THE TOP OF THE WORLD .But then I DROP from heaven to earth...( make sure the power supply unit is powerful enough to sent you to the top)

Best Cost $ Saving roller coaster


This Roller Coaster made from wood.Top Speed: 20 mph.


Just "swing" from the left to the right and then from the right to the left........That is it.
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nice collection


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