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Sweet Dream Vs Nightmares

We tend to think about the things we've done or thought about recently and when we thinking too much about certain things we most likely going to dream about it..Good or bad ,scary or funny.YES,sometimes whatever you think in the daytime, you will dream at night, and that is okay. It is very normal ,it just a dream.

frog dream

Like it or not nightmares and bad dreams happened that way and it happen throughout life.Though more common among children and those who feeling stress,depression.But there is something we can do to prevent the bad things from creeping into our sleep?

If you have fears/ worries you're not addressing you most like going to DREAM ABOUT IT.The FACT is your dream usually not reflect the real situation in the real life and it could be ten times scary then the real life.So ,wherever you have a bad dream,don't panic.It JUST a dream .

Remember,bad dreams can generate stress on their own. Worry too much will only make the situation worse(getting more dreams)

Whenever you have a bad dream,treat it like a scary movie and forget about it.It's not real after all..BTW Too many violent/scary films also lead to bad dream..On top of that,you could try thinking about something positive and think about it right before you go to sleep, recall those funny quotes in your head or visiting a motivational blog (like dropit 2) Stay away from those who have treat you bad and treat others with sincere heart,don't make others falling in a horrible nightmare,Not event animal*.because It's a nightmare....

Studies have shown that REM sleep is found in most mammals, like rats, cats, monkeys, elephants and birds. Among the mammals, only the echidna (an animal similar to porcupine) does not have REM sleep.

Scientist using an electroencephalograph (a medical instrument that records electric activity generated by the brain).

dream cat

Illustration:CAT SLEEP

*If you think pets,animals can't dream or you never thought of that.Think again ,treat them well and let them have a SWEET DREAM.

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