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10 Most Damaging Tornado of All Time

This post is about natural disaster and originally posted By:.dropit2.blogspot.com

Have you ever encounter tornadoes? It is one of the life threaded Natural Disasters and Hazards that can happen to us:Tornado And Storm.

Remember the Hollywood Big Firm " twister" ?And 'The day after tomorrow" There are the FORCES OF NATURE. The power and fury of storm and Tornado.

We still have many things to learn about the tornadoes. Some of the most interesting mysteries that could be solved in the new effort include why, when and how tornadoes form, why some are more violent and long-lived than others, and what their internal structure is.

Additionally,we could learn more about the strength of winds near the ground level, as well as the precise mechanisms the air structures employ in producing damage. Based on such observations, the study scientists hope to be able to derive better forecast methods, for providing disaster-prone areas with more warning time before tornadoes strike. 

1.A tornado roars through an Ames, Iowa.

2.The path of destruction taken by tornadoes that hit the Oklahoma City area.

3.A tornado strikes a town in the Midwest in the 1930s.

4.a vehicle drives across the top of Foss Lake dam with a funnel cloud in the background in Foss Lake, Okla.

5.One of six waterspouts that appeared at about 6:00 pm in Tampa Bay on June 25, 1964.

6.A waterspout was spotted in Hong Kong waters in 2009 in Po Toi Island. The waterspout is essentially a tornado that forms over water.

7.A freak tornado ripped through northern France, killing three people and injuring nine as it gutted houses and hurled cars through the air in Hautmont, northern France on August 4, 2008.

8.May 2010 Heavy rains and storm created a variety of flooding problems in Nashville, Tennessee.Huge parts of the city are flooding,

9.An F2 tornado roars near Seymour, Texas, in April 1979. F2 and F3 tornadoes are considered strong, packing winds of 113-206 mph that can cause major to severe damage.

10.WINDOW XP wallpaper alike Tornado .Sources and Location unknown.

These are the Natural's Supernatural power;Tornadoes are the most violent storms on Earth. Winds spiraling into them usually exceed 100 mph and can reach speeds of 300 mph.Run as fast as you can and be prepare.Pay MORE attention to the whether forecast and most importantly protect our environment

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This post originally posted By:.dropit2.blogspot.com/
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