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2012 disaster THE END OF EARTH

You don't believe those will happened don't you? You think we will always survive the disaster ?
German director Roland Emmerich (Roland Emmerich),a blockbuster director,producer.You might not know his name but you should know or heard the movie that directed by Roland.

"The Day After Tomorrow ","Acquired" "Independence Day" "Godzilla" and other well known disaster films.His latest disaster film "2012 "will hit the earth soon.

2012 REAL.jpg
"The year 2012 is believed by some to be the apocalyptic end of the world year because December 21st that year marks the end of thirteenth B'ak'tun cycle in the Long Count of the Mayan calendar.
Although there is no scientific evidence to prove that 2012 is the end of the earth , many different sources have interpreted this to mean that there will be a major change in world order.
So,based on that background, what kind of situation/story will Emmerich present in his new film "2012 "that will reflect the year 2012 ?Earth civilization ended in the instant...

Anyway,i sincerely hope we;the man who live on the earth, no matter where you are.Do you part in Save our earth and make a difference before it too late.

2012 movie story.jpg

WE WERE WARNED Long Before 2012....................................[!]

p/s:We are all capable of choosing what 2012 will be.

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