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Reasons why I should stop blogging

why I should stop blogging

How many of you have thought of quitting ?What the reasons should you continue blogging and why you shouldn't?

Made no money from Internet,get no paid by blogging ?Different people has different reasons.

Check out one of the entrecard dropper post"10 reasons why I should stop blogging"


No visitors. Even if i do get at least 1 visitor, my guess would be he/she will
just drop for an entrecard visit and leave without even reading anything off
this site. Touch and go visitors."

You often hear blogging can make huge money, the truth is they are trying to promote a dream to you.Most likely they trying to make money from you.

How far would you go if you blogging just for profit?It depends,but in most common cases it's easy to start but not easy to continue.

Love blogging.
You blogging because you love blogging,that is.It will keep you going ,far far longer....


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