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Bearable crap Entrecard

Hmmmmmm,Entrecard....... every one can "get one".

This little card is perfect tool for bringing your blog to the would even if you're newbie.Honesty ever since entrecard-acquired-by-ziprunner,I have been thinking about quitting Entrecard.I really think Entrecard not giving any EC points to the person receiving a drop is a big mistake.
It's true a lot of crab around and nevertheless the good one .I would say :Without Entrecard,perhaps I will never have a chance to reach them.
Now,I am not going to talk about how the "crab blog" like, perhaps I can tell you things that I never do on my blog.

Things you should Never do on your Blog.(If you serious about blogging)

1.Tiny text. Am i too tiny?  The sentence says "Am i too tiny?"....Yes ,You are.
2.Background color almost the same with font color .. ..@_@like twins brothers/sisters !When Background color is dark and the font is black ......We was like enter a dark room without electricity.

3.Wrong way to attract new visitors by unrelated logo/theme.It is another big mistake.If you blog about make money online ,putting too many hot chicks will only made you site unprofessional.It can't help you or make your visitors believe you are the expert on your topic.

4.The pop up pop under window!!!For those who put the pop up /pop under scripts on their blog,yes you might earn some money,like $0.002 ,but did you know you have wasted your visitors time and make a bad image for your blog, we waste 3 second to load and close a pop up ads and another 30 second to switch on the pop up blocker to block the ads,some pop under ads are no way to block and we force to close it manually.If you ask me will i add these blog to my list,I believe most people will close the pop up window together with the blog,and will never revisit that blog,Forever.

5.Heavy loader web page. The loading time for a blog will effect your ranking.
I don't know how search engine spider react for these sites,I will leave the blog that take more then 1 minute to load...I have more blog to visit rather that stick on the half page that take forever to load.Taking too long to load a page is a problem,but it is okay if it has useful contents,talking time to load a page that full of ads or un-relevant pop up ads is a big big problem for a blogger.You blog isn't the only blog in the world!right?
    6.Blogging solely for advertisers?
    If you not yet popular,It just not the right time to monetize your blog. .Too heavy advertisements drive your visitors away. If your goal is to make people click on those ads and leave your blog ,you can run an AdWords campaign..Your blog followers need contents.Most probably they will leave your blog forever if they found nothing but ads,ads,ads.you doesn't made much money and you lost your credibility.

    Again,the popularity will determine your earning potential,not the quantity of your ads.

    If you thinking to have Long term growth on your blog and have installed enterecard or others banner/traffic exchange programs to promote your blog to the world.Always remember,it's the contents where you need to control over the blog after getting new visitor from various network sources.

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