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Can't you accept the differential?

On my previous post I talk about new vision.Yes I mentioned it more then one time.

Now,what exactly new vision is like?How to you start to have a "new vision"?

New vision can be define as new attitude,new ..a a..a.....what can i say? A new kind judgment to the word..etc.

Many things you can change (if you have the wrong one) One of the thing you might consider to drop is the way you interacting with people .
The way you interacting with people.

'Every person is individual, but in every individual person, there is something similar. This similarity is humanity."

What to we focus on?

When interacting with people it is important to remember their humanity. Most of the time we focus on a person's individuality, and we judge him according to our own individuality.

This way,you might have a lot of acquaintances, but few real friends.

The world is made up of many individuals, there has to be the wimps, the mommy's boys, the sergeants, the bullies, the Mr. know it all, the weirdo's, the wise, the good, the beautiful, the ugly, the kindhearted and the list can go on and on.

What about you?

It is impossible to like everybody all the time but it is quite possible to like everybody a bit of the time. This is the basis for accepting people for who they are.The way they accept you.

We all know that people are different.

Let us start accepting people not on their individuality but rather on their humanity. Every human being has the following traits in common.

Everyone has emotions; this means that everyone gets angry; we all can feel emotional hurt. We all get sad, we all need acceptance and love. It does not matter what nationality we are, or what category of personality we find ourselves in, the common thread that runs through the entire human race is the fact that we all have feelings.

This common thread will help us to accept every person on the planet for who they are and not who we think them to be. Although we are all distinctly individual we are also very similar.

Accepting people for who they are does not mean you going to becoming their life long best friend.

Rather it accepting and respecting someone for who they are, based on their humanity and liking them for a bit of time. Although this is a noble idea, it is very difficult in practice, especially if the person you are supposed to accept for who they are is acting out their personality on you.

The problem

There will always be the problem of individuals acting out on other individuals. The serial killer will tell you that is who he is, are we going to accept him for who he is? The pedophile will tell us that is who he is; shall we accept him for who he is?

To make accepting people a life strategy in the world there has to be certain rules at play. We can only accept people for who they are if who they are does not harm another person.

Individuals that harm others by whom they are should not be accepted in the brotherhood of humanity. They are people that destroy the balance of community. It will be the responsibility of the rest of humanity to ostracize such individuals.

The goal is to bring about a time where people can accept each other for who they are without the fear of harm.

This basis for accepting a person or not will be grounds for a long friendless life.

One rule should apply: Do to others what you would have them do to you.

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