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Dance with Crocodile

Brave enough?Go dance with Crocodile !
"The Cage of Death"Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia.
Plunge into the water and get face to face with a salt-water crocodile named Choppa, salt-water crocodiles can grow up to 19.5 ft long and can weight over 2,000 pounds,which is one of the largest crocodile species in the world.

crocodile_cool place to swim.jpg
crocodile_cool things.jpg

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how to prevent crocodileCrocs Fact!!
Know what you're doing .You Don't Mess With Crocs.Especially the FAT one.It strike before the person can react.And when you know it,you are .........

How About:

Man Bited By Crocodile
April said...

WOW That is sooo cool I would love to do that. :D Though I think me in a swimsuit would probably scare him away LOL

Jacob said...

i wish i could do that

Jon said...

IS that jack black and kyle gass in that tank lol


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