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Man bitten By Crocodile

 Previously we talked about those who dance with Cror,crazy right? The saltwater crocodile is the largest living reptile on planet earth.If your hand or any part of your body bite by crocodile,just leave it..

And you know there are some Zoo or circus do provide trained animals show like performers sticking his head into the mouth of a crocodile. Well,kids don't ever try it even they invite you to have a try.

Think about it,what if a bead of sweat runs off your head and into the crocs mouth and the crocs instinctively bites down on your head?

Sometime,we often ask people :"Hey, give me your hand.."Well Below is a story of a man who lent a hand to a crocodile...It was an old story (2007)but well worth to recap.

WARNING: This story contains strong images

Mr Po-yu, a 28-year-old zoo keeper, who lent a hand to a crocodile...

 The crocodile sits contentedly with his prize clamped between his jaws(you should never believe Croc )

Po-yu had the arm severed at the elbow as he tried to treat the fearsome 31-stone, 18ft crocodile with antibiotics because it had lost its appetite.Well you know those Crocs are always look like they were so lazy to move..(acting...perhaps)

The crocodile at lighting speed bitten on his hand....Yeah,like we eating KFC wings...he lost his hand while blood flow all over the place!!Stunned colleagues applied a tourniquet to the shocked vet as the crocodile showing off with the limb in its jaws. A worker fired two bullets at it to kill it so the arm could be retrieved, but he missed.(can you believe it)

The sound of the gunfire, however, caused the crocodile to drop its anticipated snack and a courageous official jumped into the pen and retrieved the arm, which was packed in ice.

The left had been re-attached after spending several minutes in a crocodile's mouth..

After a seven-hour reattachment operation, doctors were confident that it would be a success, but warned Mr Po-yu that because they had to remove damaged bone and skin, his arm would be shorter than before...

  Mr Po-yu, a 28-year-old zoo keeper, who lent a hand to a crocodile use his left hand to say helo.....

As he waved a cheerful salute from his hospital bed, Chang Po-yu was restricted to using his right arm.

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