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Why Everybody Curious About Curious Cat

Does Curiosity really killed the cat?
We know cat is a very independent animal,cat also a very misunderstood animal,sometime they are just too lazy to walk ,to serve you when you call them,etc.. And Cat is very a curious animal too.Toy and any moving object might easily get the cat attention,for the curious Cat,does Curiosity really killed the cat?

Curiosity TEACHES the cat!
Curiosity killed the cat reminds us that being too curious can be dangerous.The truth is "curiosity" is an incredibly useful characteristic to have,for us and for the cat, it drives us to find new ways,learn new things,and most importantly,it bring Satisfaction..

Top 10 Curious Cat

Most Curious Cat

He think nobody know he is "moving"....!?!

Check out:Curious Cat like nobody but you

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Bronwen Dekker
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