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3 stories to Proof Animals Can Commit Suicide

This post talked about the topic : Do Animals Commit Suicide? It's true that animals can commit suicide,there are tons of articles on the internet about animal do commit suicide..These are live real story proof that animals can commit suicide because of depression,sick,sadness etc..

Selected Story 1:Dog suicide middle of the road

By: Phil in Thailand

I came upon this thread after observing dogs in Thailand first hand. Firstly dogs in Thailand behave very differently then in the US or Europe. They rarely bark. I've seen Thai men chase dogs out of their yards tossing objects at them with obvious intent to harm. Its a dog world here for dogs. It is obvious when I approach a dog here it is clearly nervous and there is no question that I am boss. The observation that led me to this thread was that some dogs lay down directly in the street. I saw one dog inching his way closer and closer to busy traffic. Today I saw perhaps for the last time one dog that was laying down right in the middle of the road. He didn't even look up when cars passed closely by. It was almost as if it wxnted to be put out of his misery. This particular dog appeared to be in ill health and was nothing but skin and bone.

It was a sad sight to witness.

Selected Story 2:Dog suicide hot spot 'nonsense'

By Gillian Harris, Scotland Correspondent

ANIMAL workers have rejected suggestions of a spate of dog “suicides” at a 40ft bridge.

Five dogs have jumped to their deaths in the past six months at the bridge at Overtoun House, Dumbarton, according to locals. The most recent was last weekend when an owner was unable to stop her dog leaping over.

Joyce Stewart, an animal behaviourist, said the deaths were abnormal as dogs were usually able to gauge the heights and depths they could jump. “If they know they are going to die they might go into hiding but I have never heard of them taking their own lives,” she said.

A spokesman for the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said: “Animals do not commit suicide. (This) shows the need for dog owners to keep their dogs under control. There is perhaps something over the bridge attracting the dogs’ attention.”

The bridge, over a tributary of the Clyde, lies within the grounds of Overtoun House, an A-listed baronial building currently run as a Christian centre. It was the scene of a family tragedy in 1994 when Kevin Moy threw his two-week-old son to his death believing him to be the Antichrist.

Selected Story 3:Cat die for his friend

I definitely believe that animals can commit suicide. I have had 2 cats do it and I have been wondering if I were right or wrong in believing this so that's why I'm here on this website.

Over 4 yrs. ago we were ready to move from our house and my cat Toby didn't wnt to be put in his cat carrier so he escaped by running between my legs as I was opening a door to go outside and none of us could catch him so we let him go, knowing I would be back in 2 days to finish up after the move, so I left food and water out on the back patio so he would have something to eat.

When I came back in 2 days I found out from my daughter that he was dead on the side of the road and they had picked him up and taken him to a location outside of town. I made my daughter show me where he was and so I packed him up and took him to the new house and buried him out on a hill in beautiful surroundings.

Later, I saw his ghost in my house. He was just sitting there; no movement. Like he was reassuring me that he was with me always. Really strange I thought, but I was comforted by seeing him all the same.

When I turned away and then looked back, he was gone. I felt that he was just being his silly self that night that we moved and that he thought that we'd be back and so he was just playing around like he always did. Then when we didn't come back, I think he thought that we had abandoned him and it crushed him to be left alone so he did what he had to do if he thought we were never coming back; let himself get hit by a car.

He was an indoor-outdoor cat and he knew his way around very well outside and avoided cars driving by so I knew he was able to take care of himself and he didn't ever feel abandoned until we left so I believe he did commit suicide.

In Jan.2010 another loved cat got sick & we found out he had cancer. He was operated on but the vet said it would probably grow back. I decided to care for him hoping he'd survive.

He recuperated from the surgery but never was able to eat properly again (a tumor under his tongue) and then he got plugged up and couldn't have a bowel movement. He was in & out of the vet's office for 5 long weeks and finally had to make the decision to have him euthanized. It was extremely sad and painful for me. I'm still not over it.

He was not the 2nd cat to commit suicide. His buddy, SilentBob died yesterday from a car hitting him. Bob was pals with the sick cat and I'm sure he noticed when he was gone. Strangely enough, in the last week or so, I had noticed a black spot in the tooth area that had never been there before.

He was also showing no appetite for a day or two. (The cat that had died, T-Bone, had had a black spot in the same area) . I was going to take him to the vet but hadn't done so just yet.

Another sign that he wasn't being our AlphaMale cat around the house was that our youngest cat who is just under a year old, was scaring Bob off when she encountered him.
This NEVER happened ever. Bob was the "big man" in our household and the other cats bent down to him and never bothered him.

I figure that Bob had become ill and he didn't wnt to live that way especially after seeing his buddy T-Bone suffer the way that he did, so I think he went out and done himself in the quickest way to end his suffering rather than go the route that T-Bone went. Just my opinion. Bob was also very conscious of the cars around.

There weren't many that went by but whenever they did he'd run into the yard every time so I know it was no accident. Only his head was traumatized. The rest of him looked normal.

Story#1 ,#3 Via:http://news.softpedia.com/news/Do-Animals-Commit-Suicide-63441.shtml Story #2 Via:http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article417747.ece
Tomas said...

at first glimpse, the story looks freezing, yet just magical transformation of such emotions took place soon - the proof of suicide os animals was replaced with love - with the comprehension of next to me. Dogs can feel sadness, but do all of us have right to name themselves the humans? Thank you for the sharing these of these challenging news.


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