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Blog about Environment,wildlife,Wisdom, Character,Strength , Motivation , Emotional Intelligence,Movie ,Big Film Review and More.Anythings Wired,Encouraging,Blizzard.We simply Drop it 2 thiz Blog !!

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About "Drop it2"

"Drop it2 " is a social place .We provide listing for those who visit and dropped their entrecard here.

We have two lists:

1.You Link You Top.
Give your visitors a chance to sent you to the top. Add a “Button ” to your blog, when someone click on the "button" will sent you to the top position at our top link list.

2.You Drop We Roll (You drop We Spot)
If you are member of me entrecard.com ,drop an EC  on our blogs will get you spotted and it will added to the "display list" on both our home and blog.It will display in the form of ajax effect.(check out the demo at  http://dropit2entrecard.blogspot.com/ just above the entrecard widget)

Getting Started
Would you like to have “Drop it2” on your blog and gain some friendships? just grab the button and "drop it to your blog.It cost you nothing. It's FREE!
Those who ADD our link to their blog or dropped entrecard on our blogs,thanks for joining us.

kinky said...

I added it on my site..




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