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Tips on choosing Drop to Top wedget.

1.Entracard 127x148 slim widget VS one column ad space
If your blog only have one column of 125X125 ads space and using Entracard 127x148 slim widget,It's easy to place the code just below any of your ad.Copy the code and paste it just after your entracade code .It will appear like this.

 Example of Slim badge Button:


After Pacing The Button:


2.Entracade 200x127 medium widget VS Multi ads columns

If you blog has multiple columns of 125X125 ads space at the side column.Use our medium slim widget will work perfectly on your blog.

This is the perfect combination for entracard 200x127 medium widget .
You can use our medium slim widget even you have only one columns ad sapce but have the weight not less then 250 px.



Update:medium slim widget no more available.You can check more other choice from the link below.

Add your button now.


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