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Blog about Environment,wildlife,Wisdom, Character,Strength , Motivation , Emotional Intelligence,Movie ,Big Film Review and More.Anythings Wired,Encouraging,Blizzard.We simply Drop it 2 thiz Blog !!

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About My Entrecard Dropper Blog

At the beginning I didn't intend to run Entrecard Dropper Blog with any contents.It's purely created for my Entrecard community.For Them to earn EC points and visit some others bloggers with entrecard installed on their blog.

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Then i decide to add some news update and some blogging tips on the site.After time ,since more and more contents is dropping in and some of the topic is totally not related to the entrecard news and i think it's not match to the blog url and the title:http://dropit2entrecard.blogspot.com .For that reason,I decide to create a blog 


This blog will talk about life,knowledge,some blogging tips and ..the art of EQ (Yes, it's Art).

I'm learning to make my way through life,if you like these blog(and blog that link to this blog) you can link to us by joining our blog networks via these link/button.

Thanks for dropped by.




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