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Drop when you need it

What do you drop when you need it and take back when you don’t?

An anchor.

How much your know about anchor ?(Forget about anchor text, anchor beer,...etc.)
drop entrecard Anchor text

Anchor is used to stabilize a boat/ship in heavy weather and storm.

Do you have an anchor for your life

Anchor drop

Have you ever felt that you needed a place that No matter how much trouble comes your way. No matter how worse the situation is.You are not afraid because you have an anchor for your life..

To weather the storms of life, we need an anchor to keep us in place, to keep us from being swept toward the rocky shore, to keep us from capsizing and sinking. What is your anchor of life?

Life Anchor

Have you found your anchor in your life?

*Anchor dropped by http://dropit2.blogspot.com =More then Drop EntreCard!
Jet said...

I still searching out my anchor of my life..

Me said...

you have ME as your anchor! ;)


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