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Drop it 2 Spot EntreCard Widget.

If you're the member of entrecard.com and a regular dropper of this blog,you might notice there is a widget that recording the dropper activities on our home page and our blog"drop it 2 blog.

This is a nice widget that you can add on to your blog .

The recent Entrecard droppers who dropped by and "drop" their entrecard will get spotted by the widget together with their blog title and description .With this widget, whenever "You Drop" on either our home page or our blog.We spot it.

Be part of our "spotting" team
This is a nice widget that you could add on your blog to express your appreciation to those who "dropped" on you blog and encourage more people drop their card on your blog.You earn one EC every time someone hit the " drop" button on your entrecard.

This simple widget that can spot the recent dropper build in with very coll slide effect.It easy to install and you can determine the numbers of dropper that going to show in this widget.The demo is on this blog at right sidebar.

Instead of tracking recent Entrecard Dropper,you also can use this widget to thank to Entrecard users who dropped their card on your site the most in the last 30 days (Top droppers of the month) by showing their link in your sidebar with this widget.

This widget have spend me precious time to design and optimize to make it as compact as possible for faster loading time and easy to install.You can't found another "entrecard widget " like the one we have here at dropit 2.

1.Dark spot widget:

Copy and Paste the following code into your blog sidebar or wherever place you would like the widget appear.

<div id="feed-control"><span style="margin:10px;padding:4px;">Loading...</span></div>
<script src="http://tumbrlstorage.googlepages.com/rssslide.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="http://www.google.com/jsapi?key=notsupplied-wizard" type="text/javascript"></script>
<style type="text/css">@import url("http://tumbrlstorage.googlepages.com/rssslidecss-ori.css");</style>
<script type="text/javascript">
function LoadDynamicFeedControl() {
var feeds = [
{title: '',
url: "http://entrecard.com/feeds/inbox/DKF2G5YGD9/rss2.0"
var options = {
numResults : 10,
stacked : false,
horizontal : false,
displayTime :4500,
fadeOutTime : 500,
title : "You Drop.We Spot"
new GFdynamicFeedControl(feeds, 'feed-control', options);
// Load the feeds API and set the onload callback.
google.load('feeds', '1');
</script><noscript><a href="http://droplt2.blogspot.com/">drop entrecard blog</a></div></noscript>

Replace the highlighted code "http://entrecard.com/feeds/inbox/DKF2G5YGD9/rss2.0"with the url of your entrecard inbox feed .

You can control the style of by changing the value at highlighted numbers:(optional)
numResults : 10, =Number of droppers show.
displayTime : 4500, = display Time in mill sec
fadeOutTime : 500, = fade Out Time in mill sec

======Save your widget and You're Done!======

How to find url of your entrecard inbox feed
Log-in to your EntreCard dashboard.Point your mouse to the RSS icon at the right corner ,right click on it and choose option "Copy Link Location" to copy the link to clipboard.Replace it with the highlighted word above(step 1).

For those who would like to thank the drop droppers
Log-in to your EntreCard dashboard.Click on "More Stats" link.Scroll down a bit to the middle of page and find the statistic for "Top Card Droppers", point your mouse to the RSS icon,right click on it and choose option "Copy Link Location" to copy the link to clipboard.Replace it at the highlighted word above.

Currently I have two version of widgets,one is for bright layout theme blog and the other one is for blogger who have darker theme(like mine),if you familiar with CSS,you can adjust the value and host it and your own server.

2. Bright spot Widget.

If your blog using White theme.At the scripts above replace this code


to this code



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