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About to Giving Up Entrecard?

Entrecard Has change and You GTG "got to go"?
How many of you about to giving up entrecard ?

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Perhaps You are not alone.I can hear the voices :"We were entrecard'es"

Non-Entrecard Members can use the button below :
Use These buttons to tell your visitors when they clicks on this button from your blog .It will immediately bring your blog URL link to link list at two TOP places ; Drop Directory Blog and Dropit2 blog.

Some alternative way to get some link love .

entrecard alternative

entrecard alternative

entrecard alternative

You also can use any text link to link back to us from your blogroll to get your link appear on both our drop it2 blog and entrecard blogs network top recent link list.

After adding the link/button to your blog,click on it and your blog will appear on the our top spot..

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