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Why are you so slow? "Procrastination" ?

Are you kind of person who has to make sure that everything must be perfect before doing anything.

    Illustration: delay gets penalty

Haven't done many things you wish you Did?
there's something DEEP inside you own mind ,delaying things that you should do ,it isn't 100% that you are lazy but to you, they're always something that distracts you  from what you should do...This worst chronic disease that happened to you  is "procrastination".

For example,you decide to have  a earphones for you mobile phone.You spent weeks checking and do some reserve for the best one with good price..And after several weeks ,you still haven't buy your earphone or still waiting for the best deal or waiting for someone to sell it as a second-hand one.

This happened from applying new job to fixing your home furniture ,from making a new friends to end a bad relationship. You just can't put yourself to do it....WHY?Are you afraid to lose? A real good question. And everyone should pay good attention to it.Are you afraid that you may not be good enough?

Are you afraid of making mistakes?afraid of making the wrong choice?You know what?when you often find yourself surfing internet for something all day. And you don't know what you have done end of the day.You might have "procrastination" .

The solution can be simple,for anything complicated,

Sometimes we need to think,especially about important and big issues, we make decisions ,after deep consideration,what really need is action :JUST Do iT!! when we doing it ,we will found that it's not that difficult as we though,so .Don't waste time thinking. Just do it!

OMG..Where does Crocodile come from? via:omg QUOTES

According to study :"Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. For them procrastination is a lifestyle" ARE You "procrastination"?Drop it !!!


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