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Nashville Rains Storm Flood Update

We have seen a lot of devastation happened world wide for the last 10 years.Big or small,it just happened.And 2012 is just round the corner.Check put the big Hollywood Box buster: 2012 disaster Firm about THE END OF EARTH.

This is Not A Screen Shoot of a Movie .It is Real(Location:Nashville)

News:Heavy rains and storm that occurred over the weekend created a variety of flooding problems in Nashville, Tennessee.Huge parts of the city are flooding,
At least 29 people were killed across South by either water or tornadoes.

According to news Flood waters still cover much of Nashville,Tenn even after two days.It was a record-breaking weekend storm dumped more than a foot of rain in two days, rapidly spilling water into homes, roads and some of Music City's best-known attractions.

Now the storm is over,it is the time to recover,cleaning up the mess.It remained unclear how many (if any) people were missing in Tennessee.And when,where this kind of disaster happen again and what we can do to prevent it.

Below Are the Photo illustration of Nashville Rains Storm and Flood .

Click To Enlarge

It's time for us to rethink,What can we do to save our planet.And when will the world leaders really do what it takes to save the environment ..


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