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Real Spiders And Their Web

How many hours you spend a day on surfing? And if you are blogger or webmaster ,how many you spend a day in building up your blog or website?   

hmm....it depends on individual.right? If you need something, then just work for it and get it. Anyway have you ever though how many hour a day spider spend their time on their real job-- Web Building?We are talking about a real spider ,not spiderman...

How was that? surprise?Here is the fact: NOT ALL SPIDERS BUILD WEBS TO CAPTURE PREY.Spiders are divided into 2 general groups, web builders and non-web building spiders. All spiders make silk, but all do not make webs.Spiders have 4 pairs of legs, and two body segments.There are more than 37,000 species of spiders that have been identified.And many species not yet discovered.BTW..It's could be found on your back yard...

Spiders have six spinnerets that make up to seven different kinds of silk:
  1. thin strands,
  2. thick strands,
  3. sticky strands,
  4. smooth strands
  5. combinations.
  6. Silk
The "web "is made up of a protein fiber which is the strongest natural made substance in the world.

Spiders use their weapon"the silk" in many ways: for safety lines, draglines, for signal lines, for webs, for egg cases, for holding prey, for building nurseries, for transportation, as in ballooning, and for snaring prey.

Like we said earlier ,not all spider build web,they can be divided into wandering spiders who search out prey, or waiting spiders, who sit and wait for prey to come close to them and then they ambush the prey and water spiders, who trap a bubble of air under their abdomen and take their air-chamber below the water and get their prey.

Lastly ,note that some spiders has highly toxic venom ,it is dangerous to humans, beware and stay away if you don't know what specie is it,After all ,not all spider can give you the super power after bitten  like spiderman.Spider are  predators on insects and other small animals., all spiders have highly evolved systems to detect prey and danger. Cool!


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