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What You Know When You Win?

What is the most important lesson you can learn from "winning"?

Planning for success is a key responsibility of anyone who wish to achieve something in their life. This does not have to be a rocket science to achieving results but it really need some plannings and consistency.

Go ask someone who have succeed,they will tell you the most common denominator for success was focus and planning.

We need to set our goals; short term, mid term and long term goals depending on the time frame of the project you are working on. Setting goals maintains focus on your target. In essence you are being proactive in your target and not procrastinating - or worst yet waiting for something to happen. You are setting up a plan of action and creating a path for success.

Your plan allows you to take control of your gaol and leads you toward that passageway of achievement. It allows you to measure results by meeting the benchmarks and milestones you have identified in goal setting.

Results translate to success and success translates to joy and a stress free environment. Think the reward when achieving great results! Is there a better way to be motivated?

Perhaps ,The most important lesson you can learn from winning is that You Can.

-Thomas Edison

You can do it! The reward is worthwhile.

bDr Alistair Sutcliffe @ Everest Summit.
Libor Uher at K2
*3,A large block with signature engravings at the top of the highest mountain of Risnjak national park .


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