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Dangerous ,Fear , Challenges, Reborn

Dangerous sports or activities provide new ways for people, who live in stifling atmosphere, to relax themselves and enjoy new experiences ( believe me, they felt relaxed that way ). , These exciting experiences will force people to push their personal limits to next level.Anyhow,you should NEVER try these if you have heart disease ..

You can Call Them Crazy!
 Those people deem dangerous sports or other dangerous activities as their dispositions to enjoy the experiences of extraordinary things which others dare not to do.One reason of their choice is that dangerous sports or other dangerous activities make them feel successful. Are you dare enough to challenge these dangerous game?





Another reason why they participate in such risky sports is that they feel they have conquered the world after undergoing numerous challenges. The feeling cannot be provided by the ordinary activities, which are less attractive.

Therefore, a substantial number of people assemble to share the distinctive experience of dangerous sports and pursue excitement. The dangerous sports such as bungee jumping defeat the people's panics so that people will become more optimistic.

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Swing, Swing from the tangles of My heart....


Dangerous sports, full of excitement and challenges, have appealed to an increasing number of people all over the world.

Drop Your Fear

Closely as they face death, they virtually feel reborn. Consequently, they would like to believe that yesterday is history. After that, no matter what difficulties they face, they will not give up any longer.Produced .

I heard somebody said:
  • OMG! I am a risk taker but no where near these folks! This is really on the edge!


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