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Depressed Kangaroo Committed Suicide

A man found a kangaroo standing along the beach for a long time,he's kind of wondering what's going on? first he though it was just a "football jersey"..or some sort of Walt Disney worker who waving a "suit".Suddenly the "kangaroo" jump towards the open sea,he knows,it was a real kangaroo, he quickly to pick up the camera . ........

A Kangaroo Reaching the sea and Standing Still for a while...

Kangaroo Walks to towards,no....Jump towards to the sea..

Looking back to the land ,perhaps staring at the place where he come from..

Thinking: where should i go?


To the endless ocean.....

Everyone knows,He knows,at that level, 99% HE WILL DIE if keep moving..

.............people being shock!

Depression carries a high risk of suicide. It not only happened on human but animal

Kangaroos is one of the mammal animal under categories Marsupials.Marsupials (Megatheria) are pouched mammals whose babies are born in a very undeveloped state; the young then attach themselves to their mother's nipple. Many marsupials have a pouch that encloses the young.hop and have pouches. Their babies are called joeys.

By:love animal blog

These Photos arrived to my mailbox in Chinese.Exclusively posted at Drop it 2 blog
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Arlene said...

Is this really true? A kangaroo committing a suicide in the sea...interesting stuff. do they have recession down there in the Australian bushes prompting this poor kangaroo to say goodbye to the world?


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