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Saltwater Crocodiles Vs Fresh Water Crocodiles

Fact about Saltwater Crocodiles

Basically on the surface of planet earth,we have two types of crocodiles, the freshwater crocodile,and the saltwater crocodile.Saltwater Croc is a true meat eater monster compare to freshwater Croc which mainly eats fish, and is not considered a danger to man.A Man eater Crocodiles.

The specie of Crocodiles are true dinosaurs , and have changed little in the evolutionary stakes over millions of years.

The Saltwater Crocodile can swim as far as 1,000 klms (620 miles) by sea to reach it’s destination.In times of extreme drought, it has also been known to travel across land many klms to find a safe waterhole to ensure it’s survival. Although it prefers salt water, it can survive quite readily in fresh water.That is the reason why some of the fresh water cror are so aggressive but the truth is they are Saltwater Crocodile who live in fresh water.

Crocodile diet consists of fish and small mammal's and birds, which venture too close or unwittingly near the waters edge.

Saltwater Crocodile spends most of it’s time resting and stay still in certain position,they put themselves in the water in summer to avoids the hot sun, hunting mostly during the cooler hours of the day.

When hunting for food, the usual procedure is to expose only it’s eyes and nostrils above the waterline until prey is spotted, then sinking without a ripple, swims effortlessly underwater and attacks it’s prey from underneath the water, lunging upwards.

When the prey is on the target area ,they can move with amazing agility and speed, will spring from the water and up onto the bank. Razor sharp teeth, and astounding jaw pressure ensures a firm grip on it’s prey, the salty then drags it’s hapless victim into the water and proceeds to go into the ‘death roll’, rolling over and over and in the case of larger prey, such as buffalo or cattle, dragging it’s prey underwater where it consequently drowns.

In order to eat it’s food, it’s impossible for the Salty to eat underwater, and food must be consumed on top of the water. A careful examination of the above photograph, you will notice a flap of skin at the back of the throat, this acts as a safety valve, closing whilst the mouth is open under water. This prevents it from drowning.


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