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Battle LA Review FREE HD Wallpaper Poster Download

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Free HD poster wallpaper download

Wallpaper Poster: BATTLE: LA


News captured:Meteors impact off coast of SANTA MONICA.

HD WALLPAPER: Alien spaceships Invasion

New "Battle: Los Angeles" Viral Info About Invading Aliens visit official website at battlela.com

The new motion picture film BATTLE: LA stars Michelle Rodriguez, Joey King, Bridget Moynahan, and Aaron Eckhart. BATTLE LOS ANGELES isn't a war between nations or wars among the people,it is about alien invasion.Needless to say,we are not alone in the universe.

The Battle: Los Angeles promises an action-packed, visceral, and realistic depiction of a military response to an alien invasion.

IF you think it just another alien action film base on imagination,that's not entirely true.

History recorded on February 25, 1942 a 2:25 a.m. direct order issued by U.S. Army Central Command for an anti-aircraft artillery batteries to mount an assault commenced at approximately 4:30 a.m. from atop a Culver City, California hillside south of downtown Los Angeles ( 1-mile away from the HUGHES TOOL COMPANY ) to fight an Unidentified Flying Object ( UFO )

The battle of Los Angeles was documented and reported, by the:

- Long Beach Press Telegram – February 25, 1942 ( Home Edition Front Page headline: “Guns Bombard Sky As Strange Planes Black Out Southland In First ‘Raid’” with an Associated Press ( A.P. ) San Francisco, California report sub-headline “No Bombs Fell, No Aircraft Downed, Report From Army” );

- Los Angeles Times – February 26, 1942 ( Morning Edition B Section headline: “Searchlights and Anti-aircraft Guns Comb Sky During Alarm” ); and,

- CBS News – February 26, 1942 radio broadcast interrupted from the CBS New York, New York broadcast center carrying the news story feed from Los Angeles, California.

Described as a ‘cylindrical shaped dirigible’ slowly paralleling southward from San Francisco, California down the southern California coastline where, according to news reports, the UFO decidedly ventured southeast over Santa Monica, California and right over Culvery City, California where this UFO met U.S. Army military searchlights in the skies where the UFO also quite successfully deflected direct hits from more than 1,500 rounds of anti-aircraft artillery ammunition fired at it, which did not stop it from continuing on its slow southwest journey until reaching further south to Long Beach, California where it changed course to southwest out over the Pacific Ocean.

If this wasn’t enough of a UFO display in the greater Los Angeles area, a short while later the same UFO decidedly returned, flying northeast back over Long Beach, California and northward over Santa Monica, California yet again where it decidedly flew northwest out over the Pacific Ocean disappearing from ground observeration points.

The ’old news reel’ a ’motion picture film clip’ with the February 26, 1942 CBS News radio broadcast overlay was reproduced long ago and shown in theatres to the public throughout the country documenting the February 25, 1942 UFO battle of Los Angeles ( See Video Below ):

Get ready for the alien invasion to hit theaters..watch it!! If you have HD LED,LCD TV at home ,download and watch it at 1080p fullscreen.


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