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Capture of Cute Lovely Deer And Cat

A few words describe these amazing animals:cute ,lovely and
Warm ........

In our daily live ,they are always had the moments where we can capture some lovely moments through artworks like this one:deer and cat cure photo.

Right click the photo and save it as your wallpaper to remind you that love is always in the air...

News Sources:http://www.metro.co.uk

The moment was captured at the Odessa Zoo, Ukraine, and stopped visitors in their tracks as they passed by the enclosure.

As the baby deer rested in the shade during a warm summers day the domestic zoo cat approached.

After a quick hello both decided a bit of sleep was in order and the ginger moggy nestled peacefully into the side of the deer.

Photographer Vitaly Ktach snapped the special moments and said everyone was watching on in amazement.

'The affectionate behaviour of the cat towards the young deer had myself and other visitors watching in disbelief,' explained Ktach.

'The cat seemed to really taking its time to run its fur along the deer, which must have felt very nice.

'It then sat down and they enjoyed gently rubbing their faces together. They looked in bliss!'


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