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what make you "You"

I crated you drop you top almost half year.I received some good feedback and made some friends.

I have no idea how my work going,is it brilliance or it just another crap online?(I always think i have a lot thing need to improve)

But after i discover there is actually a "blog" duplicate my site. I started thinking "Hmm...my blog really has some value in it ":)


I can't say people who has similar features to my site is "duplicate".But, when the blog has very similar blog title , almost the same description,keyword,99% same blog theme color,layout,and ultimately the script is 100% the same.What else i can call it if not ="?".

However there's one thing different to mine.They have load "Ad" up side down on their blog without too many "useful" content".



When you have "talent"but use it on the wrong way.It's really shame.

I really believe whenever we do crap thing it's really can hide forever,I come across their site by checking my domain and some related keyword..Bang! we found it "drop2top"!!!

The time when i create this site there were no one have the features that i have in a single site.I did inspired by some others site but I create my own style with added features.

Not so long a go,I wrote a post Bearable crap Entrecard featuring contents of the month from 10thingsihateaboutyoursite.com. Well,It really no need 10 things if it's a vital mistake.

Whenever you create something,you can get inspire by others people work ,but you have to make your own creation ....It's what make you "You"!!


If not ,you are just another shameless copy cat.

The truth is I really think my site is not a perfect site.And i do constantly making change wherever needed.(if i have time).

They have changed the layout , this time they clone and add some idea from http://www.entrecard.thegermz.com. (which is another entrecard crap )

Update 5/07
We have Switch Back to Blogger from dropit2.it


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