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What is Entrecard 1 Page down Rule

"Down to the earth"
I know,some of the Entrecard member place their widgets at the bottom of their blog. one of the reason is to avoid "drop and run".

But the point is. A 300 card fast dropper will still "drop and run"no matter where your entrecard is.And the normal visitor to the blog would never even know the widget if they don't scroll down!

This kind of situation tell you that if you advertise on a entrecard blog that has a widgets at the bottom of the blog.It mean you're wasted your money/credits.

You get you click from the "drop and run" blogger ,the click you sent to your advertiser is a very low quality click.How can you aspect to earn real money via your ads space from this type of traffic ?

Entrecard requiring it members to place widget high is to ensure that the quality of traffic you will get from ads(if you're the advertiser), your ad will now be explore by the entire audience of every blog you advertise on.Not only the "drop and run" blogger.

It's unfair to say the blogger who place their widgets at the bottom of their blog is wrong.
Each entrecarder should be allowed to place the widget wherever they like. You place the ad code wherever you think fit, but if you would like to get some real benefit from the community,for you advertiser (you will be the advertiser too)."above the fold"is my fist choice.

"Above the fold"

Back to the topic,Entrecard "above the fold" rule has now officially been changed to a “1 Page-down Rule.”Why? A lot of complain.So,By listen to all the feedback and incorporate they gone ahead and decided on the change.

“1 Page-down Rule”

If you have no idea what is the meaning of “1 Page-down Rule” .It mean your widget should be place withing one stroke of the page-down key.

Now you ask what the heck is the "page-down key"?The page-down key is the is at your keyboard.;)

Hit it,and you entrecard should appear within the rage,make the necessary changes as soon as possible..example at this earning online blog.

Yes,the problem arise.How to they define a “1 Page-down Rule” on a PC or lap top running resolution 1920 by 1200 and the one with resolution 800 by 600?

And By putting your entrecard follow the“1 Page-down Rule.” Entrecard claim that it it will decrease your blog bounce rate.Do you believe?

I'll let's Entrecard to answer it...
Lily Arbee said...

I like to join this group "drop it to Directory"
I have taken the banner and inserted it under my Entrecard. Is it o.k with you? Please let me know through my e-mail at: lilyarbee@gmail.com
Thanking you in advance.

My url of my is: http://lilyarbee.blogspot.com/


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