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Drop it:Fact and Truth about Ostrich

We are not in Jurassic park,this isn't a T Rex or Godzilla ,It's one of the bird i like the most:Ostrich

*Fact and Truth about Ostrich BY dropit2:http://dropit2.blogspot.com.

So,you think you know about Ostrich ?

FACT#1:Ostrich is not Stupid.Ostrich do NOT bury their heads in the sand because of panic or refuse to accept the truth . It only appears so because when they can't run from danger, they flop to the ground and lay still. The color of their head blends in with the sand.

FACT#2:ostriches is the fastest land animal on earth with two legs,run at up to 45 mph.

FACT#3:This bird with a sharp nail on each of their feet that is capable of slicing a person open with one kick. legs are used as weapons and one kick can kill a large predator like a lion, or a human being.

FACT#4:ostriches has the largest eye of any land animal.The brain of the ostrich is smaller than its eye. The eye measures about 5-6 centimeters with 3 sets of eyelids.

FACT#5:ostriches can grow up to nine feet tall and live for as long as forty years.

FACT#6:This bird cannot fly.


Encounter with an Ostrich:Tips to Survive

Ostriches attracted by shiny objects, so before you go out on safari or onto an ostrich farm leave all your diamond,jewelry,lord of the ring (if any)behind,do not display shiny or dangling objects when near ostriches.

Always spot the surroundings and the nearest place you can run to safety. Don't ever think you can outrun it, you won't be able to outrun an ostrich over any distance.Refer fact#2.

Ostriches can only kick forward when you get attack by Ostriche try run "S"sharp and don't look back.(refer fact #2 ,again)

Captured by:Eyal Bartov

"Since ostriches kick forward and downward, the chance of injury is much lower if you lie face down on the ground and cover your head and neck with your arms. Your back will still be exposed, but this is much safer than if your front were open to attack. Additionally, the ostrich is not able to kick very effectively at an object on the ground, and eventually it will lose interest if you play dead. The bird will still likely stand on you--it's been described as dancing by some who've gone through the experience--and it may even sit on you for a while, but it will most likely not rip you open if you do this equivalent of burying your head in the sand.(refer FACT#1)"

Cooking > Meat >Recipes?

It's an amazing big bird,keep your distance and be respect to the wild.You shouldn't eat ostrich,It belongs to the wild.



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