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Drop it:Snake eaten by Toad?

You have heard snake eat toad,how about toad eat snake?

A toad has been found eating a snake in China in a direct reversal of their normal roles.
Snake eaten by Toad?

The picture of a mountain toad eating a Jerdon’s pit viper was taken by a tourist at Qingcheng Mountain park in Sichuan, central China.

Ran Longzhong, from Chongqing, told IC Media that he had been unable to believe his eyes and was happy he had witness this amazing Scene.

“I was wandering on the mountain road, and suddenly I spotted a toad that was eating down a snake, which was still struggling,” he said.

“The toad ate down the whole snake in around five minutes. It’s hard to believe that a predator can be hunted by its prey.”

A local zoologist said it was the first time he had ever heard of a snake being eaten by a toad. (IC Media)

Same thing happened at the cane toad research area at Ringwood Station about 100km south of Darwin,Australia.It was a Keelback snake eaten by cane toad.A CANE toad has taken revenge on the only snake that can eat them and survive.NT snake wrangler Chris Peberdy said it was an unusual act of nature.

"The Keelback is a freshwater snake and is the only snake known in Australia that can eat cane toads and survive," he said.

Note that The cane toad has poison glands, and the tadpoles are highly toxic to most animals if ingested.
Snake vs Toad
Mr Sawyer said the fact a cane toad took on a snake raised the question: "What are these animals doing to our wildlife and biodiversity?"

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