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Toad Eaten By Ants

Last post we talk about Snake eaten by Cane Toad .The cane toads secrete a lethal venom, which paralyzes and kills any animal or reptile, including crocodiles and dingos, that tries to eat them. A team of scientists at the University of Sydney, have discovered a chink in the toads’ formidable Armour.

 hate Ants

Toxic cane toads, rampant in most parts of tropical Australia and impossible to eradicate, may finally have met their match - ant.

It's a meat eaten ant!

Ants are actually the Toad's regular food. However In a study published in the British journal Functional Ecology, the team led by Professor Rick Shine report that because of certain physical and behavioral traits, the cane toad is more likely to be killed and eaten by meat ants than native frogs.

Toads also tend to breed in sun-drenched ponds, causing their young to emerge onto bare, mud-baked areas, a habitat where meat ants like to forage.

In laboratory studies and field observations, the researchers compared the behavior of cane toads and seven types of Australian frogs when faced with the meat ants.While the Australian frogs quickly jumped out of the way when confronted with the fierce ants, cane toads sometimes moved closer, and only took small hops to get away.

If caught by one of the ants, the cane toad also tended to stand still and allow itself to be torn apart and eaten. Scientists tested the comparative sprint speed and endurance of frogs and cane toad. The frogs were much quicker off the mark. They were also more vigilant than cane toads, quickly jumping into the water when meat ants approached.

Moreover, the toad's poisonous venom did not affect ants as the compound attacked the heart of vertebrate predators and ants are heartless.

So,beware of those ants!



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