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Drop It :There is A Snake In Your Garden!!

 Snake In Your GardenThey is a snake in your garden!!!You may have noticed a snake in your home or garden. But not this one .It's a toy snake.

This snake seems to be very real especially if you are in hurry you can be scared for some time.

Why putting this "vinyl snake" in your garden ?Use this six feet rattle in your garden and save it naturally from birds, rodents and naughty children who eat your fruits or flowers.

Just place this scary snake on soil or on the branches and scare all those birds from it.From time to time,move him to a new place every few days to keep birds guessing.??????It can also be used on fruit tree limbs, decks, barns, porches—even floating on a pond..!!!!

Drop It :The is Snake In Your Garden

This is stupid but it does help.You can use this stupid snake to guardian your garden or yard., And don't forget to inform your friend and family about the snake.Otherwise somebody might scream on it .

Drop It :The is Snake In Your Garden

This snake cost from $9 .

Drop It :The is Snake In Your Garden

Drop It :The is Snake In Your Garden

This is REAL snake!!!

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