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What CAN you Learn From Snail And Ant

I don't know about you. I never like to kill snails.If i accidentally step on one;it makes me sad for entire day.They just try to live on it's own and hurt nobody.I don't killing ants either,I don't know,may be their working attitude gain my respect....I love them both.How about you?what yours working attitude? BTW,watch your step!!!

snail from: Caro Wallis


"Time and Patience would bring the snail to Jerusalem."

Irish Proverb quotes

"Think of someone you've worked with who perhaps didn't work as hard as you expected them to and then think about how you felt about every time you had to work with them.

Perception is often reality and once people get an idea in their head about someone or something, it can be difficult to get them to think differently.

In my experience, your attitude in the workplace can sometimes define you more than the work you actually produce if your coworkers come to see you as someone who is reliable, competent, intelligent and someone that they can rely on.

One of the worst feelings can be to work with people who don't seem to care and don't appear to pull their own weight."


Quote:Carl Mueller Illustation:Drop it II

alwayswinner786 said...

Great thought.
On my part whenever I come across small snails who try to cross the road and can any time get
stumped, I just pick them from one end and put them on the other. I think thats the way I render a smal help to them but if my prediction is wrong then the snails may be bit angry walking in wrong roads!

Admin said...

GREAT HELP.I do the same,but i was thinking if our prediction is wrong,the snail will need to walk through the road all over again which take another hour..;)


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