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3D Big film.Avatar The Movie

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The special effects were spectacular,It's a 3D blockbuster big film.

 The Avatar story line

Avatar is about the story of how Na'vis fight for their land, people, pride and right to live.The story line might similar what happened in any part of the world when outsiders make an attempt to make inroads into their land to gain hold of their resources.

Human Plan
In the movie Avatar ,"human" troops entering Na'vis world to gain hold of precious minerals worth billions.While they send one of their men (Sam Worthington) to Pandora by turning him into a Na'vi avatar so that he can understand the way of the natives and talk them into handing over their land, they also nurture a plan of their own.

It was made quite clear that human are bad guy in the fist place...We made and sent a Na'vi avatar(spy) to Na'vis world where he were mercenaries, employees of the mining company.

There is a deadly operation brewing in the background that would has a single point agenda of destroying and winning.....

 In the real world while our planet is in polluted.There is so much things we need to learn and do,the planet is in deep trouble and there is no way we should avoid it.In some degree,this movie is sending a message to us and our children. We have to protect our own planet earth.

Those "make money is the fist priority "attitude is destroying our planet.The message that the movie is trying to convey, it is worth a deeper thought.

Action, adventure, science fiction and love.Avatar is no doubt one of the biggest film of the year.

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