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Avatar 3D Game

With the success of the 3D movie Avatar ,director James Cameron and Ubisoft has create the first video game that based on the stereoscopic 3D technology .The technology match the story of the movie.The game is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PSP and Nintendo DS, however due to the fact that not many players and televisions are 3D-ready.( Even with glasses the effect will be missed) the game can be played in standard 2D format.

Avatar 3D Game

Developed by studio Ubisoft, the story acts as a prequel to set up the film about the past of the alien moon, Pandora, with players choosing to play as a native Na'vi or human.

Avatar 3D Game

Cameron sent Ubisoft the creatures, plants, mountains, forests, vehicles, and characters from the film, in order to recreate the environment and experience, as well as using the same computer system used for the film.

Avatar 3D Game download

Sigourney Weaver does the voice for her character Dr. Grace Augustine for the game along with other actors, such as Stephen Lang, the antagonist Col. Quaritch. A bonus "Pandorapedia" teaches players about the world of creatures, plants, and natives.

Avatar 3D Game

Are you ready to become an Avatar?

Avatar 3D Game

Free download the AVATAR game via rapidshare :(will be removed)


If you really like the movie and the game ,buy the original.It worth it.

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