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Time And Aging Facts

 How Much Time? Ever heard someone said blogging is wasted of time?What you know about "time"?What you know about 'blogging"? Well it really doesn't matter as long as you"enjoy"....Right? Wrong.

Every birthday is a milestone that reminds you that the clock is ticking. That your body is getting weaker.That's "AGING"  to remain you That you have to race against time to get everything you dreamed get done.

Many say 22 is young. I think so too :)But 23 is knocking at the door already.

You might have some really good friends and a great relationship with everyone in my family, etc... But sometimes you feel like you are not doing enough! That you could do something more! That you just afraid you might be missing out on something!You don't know what is enough, what is over..You only know you can't stop.Something is running out of you life...TIME.

Yes ,you are right,absolutely right, you only have one chance at this! You can't ask for a rewind or for another life.

Are you focus or priorities at the right place? Could you have done more during the last year? What have you done worth saying during last year? What do you plan on doing for next year? What is(are) the NEW thing(s) you will do next year? Each day is a huge checklist of your accomplishments and summary of last year, and build a new checklist for next year...

Well...because death gets closer while aging....and other maladies and degenerating disorders begin to show up after TIME.Someone will tell you to enjoy every moment the best you can.While that only half true,in real life ,it almost impossible to enjoy every moment in life.(like it or not).

The next best thing you can do is to knowing the fact that we will getting older and learn the meaning of you life .Do something that you can be proud of when you looking back when you old.Do you feel embarrassed or proud when you see old photos of yourself? Do as much, learn as much, see as much as you can..We only have one life to live.Motivational and Inspirational Posted By:Drop It2 Blog

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