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Scott's Incredible Power

The Boy, Scott

Breathing, all creatures are
Brighter than, than brightest star.
You are, by far.

(From "Air" by Mike Heron and The ISB.)
Based on an original dream by Judy Shimmin
This is a story about about Spirits of the Forces of Nature
One night, after drifting into a deep sleep, I saw the Spirits of the Forces of Nature: Great, wise beings, representing the stars, the earth, the oceans, and countless other seen and unseen powers. Like loving family, they beckoned me to enter and welcomed me to sit down with them. Then, they began to tell me a story.

Once upon a . . . well, actually many times upon many a time, both now and when the earth was young, the Forces of Nature convened to endow Super Powers on one of the smaller spirits of the universe. On this particular occasion, they chose a rather ordinary boy, whom we will call Scott.
''Home'' by Jerry Ueselmann
Scott was not unlike anyone else you see. He was not famous, nor rich, nor a genius, nor extraordinarily handsome. Yet the Forces of Nature had chosen to offer him any exceptional power that he would choose.
Would he choose to dance in the sky, like a bolt of lightning?
Lightning striking the earth
Would he choose to become invisible? Or incredibly strong? With great anticipation, the Forces of Nature waited to learn just what power Scott would pick.

When the moment of choosing arrived, Scott climbed to the top of a tall hill, amid the Forces of Nature and a sky of stormy clouds.
Boy on a mountain
He stood tall. Then he stretched out his arms, and he pronounced in a loud and joyful shout, "I now declare, before all the Forces of Nature, that I, and I alone, have The Power of Being Scott!"

Delighted laughter silently spread among the Forces of Nature. They had conferred on some the power to fly: The birds of the air. Others they had given the power to burn unimaginably bright for billions of years: The stars.
The Sombrero Galaxy
But no one had ever chosen The Power of Being Scott.
Upon hearing about Scott's choice, intense curiosity was aroused in one of the stars, Old Sol. "What was this power to be Scott like?" wondered Sol. "When I chose to be the mighty Sun, I never even considered being Scott."

And so the Sun tried to have the power of being Scott. But the effort was to no avail. Sol could not be Scott and would never even know what being Scott was like. In great frustration, solar flares soared outward from the surface of the Sun.

Solar Flares

That is it, in all the universe, only this one fragile, beautiful human had the power to be what he alone could be: Scott. And, as the Forces of Nature smiled upon him, he was.


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