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Rubbish+Trash - Recycle =Disaster

It gonna be trash disaster,did you know? we human produced nearly 10,000,000,000 tons rubbish every year,the problem is the ability for us to dispose,recycle those rubbish's are not 100%.(not even close)we just can't catch up the speed where trash were produced.

We are in the trash crisis. We live in the trash time: we produce trash and we become trash.For this the Germany artist HA Schult's ' has created "Trash People"the work kind of reflect our world sooner or later will be defected by "trash"..

Certainly the army of trash here conquers the world.iT isn't a war (YET), The Trash People of H.A. Schult first appeared in 1996, at an amphitheater in Xanten, Germany. and soate thrighout the word."trash are The environmental problem and it is a global problem..

Kairo ,Gizeh

Paris,La Defense


Gorleben,L├╝chow-Dannenberg in Lower Saxony

Recycle and stop wasting buying unneccesry things,couse you going to throw it away anyway.We are living in a planet of garbage.Don't be one of them (THE GARBAGE MAN )


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