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Giant Lobster older than YOU

How long can lobsters live? Experts said that lobsters can live to be 100 years old. ..It mean when the Titanic sank under the sea,if there were a lobster nearby,it could be the only witnesses that still alive till today....2010

Giant Lobster
Giant Lobster:I am older than you are....

At English Channel Ai to Livingstone, British fishermen catch 70-year-old lobster 1 meter long enough for 10 people to eat And compare the size of normal lobster Britain has one of the fishermen caught in the English Channel to a length 92 cm, weighing 10 pounds great lobster, his body was bright blue, two large red claws a full 45 cm long. Only large enough to more than 10 individual lobster feast.

Lobster fishermen caught only called John, he was the English Channel Ai to Livingstone discovered the only rock lobster, and give it the name "Eddie." Eddie's head and is 4 times more common lobster, aged about 70 years is estimated.

Eddie so much, enough to more than 10 of the United States and the United States to eat meal. But John eventually could not bear, donated it to southwest England Cornwall Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium, make it a better life. Aquarium curator Matt to see the big guy said: "This is a truly impressive specimen, is by far the largest lobster we have ever seen." In fact, Eddie's claws too , and even its own to lift the two large claws have some trouble.

Matt, said, "At first we thought Eddie looked so much is related to the environment and their lives, but some experts speculate that Eddie is likely to attract females by increasing lobster claws." More It is not clear whether it intends to Eddie aquarium display to the public. But it is certain that Eddie will not be eaten.

To capture the world's heaviest lobster weighing 20 kg, is in Canada, Nova Scotia captured. European lobsters like to live alone, used to come out at night in search of food and on the "territory" very possessive.

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