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Mental illnesses Are Medical Conditions

Are you Crazy?

Yes I am..

Did you know?25 percent of Americans who have a “diagnosable mental disorder”. Or the 50 percent who believe they have a mental health issue. Hey, who doesn’t? is not, “a mark of shame or discredit"

If you've wondered if you have a psychological disorder,Mental illnesses,.I know it such a scary words and i believe nobody will admire they have mental ill,those who said or knew they have mental illness probably is the healthy one,the real and seriously mentally ill individuals always deny or they don't even know they have mentally illness.

For people that have either a diagnosis of a mental illness or receive psychotropic medication for treating a mental illness or problematic behavior and continue to have active symptoms or challenging behavior, a psychiatric questionnaire should be taken.

Diseases or conditions, including various sleep-related problems and many forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, are sometimes classified as mental illnesses because they involve the brain. Mental illness can affect anyone and, if left untreatedwatch an MRI of two different brains, one with depression and one healthy,saw the distinct difference between them.

But what about the others? The three percent to five percent of Americans who are the most seriously mentally ill -- like those suffering from untreated schizophrenia or treatment-resistant bipolar disorder.

The lighted up sections are active and functioning sections of the brain. The darker the spot is, the less function that occurs there. The depressed brain show a lack of function in the areas that control sleep, mood, appetite, sex drive, emotions, motor activity, and cognitive functioning. Basically this shows exactly why a person with clinical depression cannot sleep or sleeps all day, doesn't eat, is always down, has no sex drive, and has to drag themselves out of bed if they can even do that.

There you go. You can see depression. Do you now believe it's a real illness?

If you don't, you must realize that recognized and accepted diseases such as Parkinson's, Epilepsy, and Huntington's all occur in the brain and only have symptoms that are seen, not actually causes. So why are these accepted without social stigma and other mental illnesses aren't? Here are more pictures so you can see these illnesses.



Bulimia Nervosa:

This illness may also be unrecognised by the sufferer, who feels compelled to hide or excuse an otherwise treatable malaise.Serious mental illnesses,depression, like schizophrenia, are real biologically based disorders that can killed.

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Mom's said...

Depression is expected to be more prevalent in our society due to all the problems we are encountering everyday of our lives...

We are not anymore living a good life but the opposite of it...

So sad!

Tomas said...

term "Mental illness" sounds threatening, yet such diagnosis enables me to receive the pension and thus to continue my being. I just started new blog Tomas' sketchbook that collects my visual thoughts on the eternal values of art. I would like to invite you to my page - to look at the life through the eyes of a patient. The sun is the same to everybody, isn't it?


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