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Dare like Hippos Strong Like Cror

You might think Hippos is cute And Crocodile is terrified!!!

Hippos is vegetarian animal,they don't eat mean,they don’t mess with crocs or any other meat eater animal not because they afraid of been eaten,it simply because they don’t eat meat (they might rarely nibble on a dead carcass).But they just so confident and dare on defending them self.

Crocs don’t mess with hippos because hippos isn't ordinary "hip hop" animal that let you bite and swing.. But the croc is croc,one of the only reasons you might see a conflict is if the hippos have young and the hungry or stupid croc thinks it is a easy target for lunch,and when hippos notice the little ones are under threat. The crocodile's defenses were no match for the angry hippo..

Crocodile attacked and killed by angry hippos

Illustration: Vaclav Silha, the Czech photographer, had set up his camera on the banks of the Grumeti river in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, to take snaps of 50 hippos bathing in the river.

Mutual respect between these animals means fights occur very rarely,But the peaceful scene can be break when someone try to mess up.. The price is death..You know the danger of Crocodile ,although Crocodile are ferocious predators, they don't mess with hippos.

Perhaps there is a lot easier prey out there to have,but Crocodiles have Armour-plated bodies made up of tough skin and "scutes" - bony scales on the outside of the body.You know what i mean,the skin just look so thick that even a night can cut through it,but they just know they can't mess with hippos,so do you..


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