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6 Top "golf course Madness"ever

When you entering a gold course playing golf. Obviously, you will need to be dressed in the correct attire for golf courses,always check the rules at your local course for details of their dress code.Instead of the correct wearing,there are lots of others things you need to know.

  If you are new to the golf, then the fist thing might come out you head probably is how the scoring is done. Those plus and minus numbers, as well as birdies, pars, eagles and so forth.Well,basically, golf scoring works by comparing your actual score to a pre-arranged score. Each course has a ‘par’ score, meaning the amount of shots it should take you to get around the course. You can either hit above this score, which is ‘under par’ or above the score (over par).

These are some basic items you should learn.Basically you are save if you knowing the rules and regulation on a golf course. However there are always Things You Never Thought could happened,on a golf course..........

6 Top "golf course Madness"

1.Flash Speed=Not the ball speed.

It Seem like two best friends {Bird And Squirrel}playing and chasing at incredible high speed on a golf course.

You never gonna know if it's not recorded.;)

2.Direct Hit!!
What happens with this shot?

Yes ,It hit the bird!!

The Bird Never Thought..

3.Free Worker

Golf ball return free of change .

4.The Pro

I am the pro...

Proven!A golf course always a very dangerous place even with the professional golfer.

5.What?Why?Who ?

Inappropriate laugh?Drop it .

Well,It was the old man who hit him ..."replay"

This is one of the serial post for the title : Things You Never Thought Happened .Stay Tuned For More Unpredictable posts that you never thought exclusively from drop it 2 .A emotional+motivational blog


6.What the power shot?


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