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How do you know what your talent are?

How do you know what your talent are?
How do you discover your innate talents? How do you decide what job or profession is right for you?

Are You Wasting Your Talents?
Do you know when people hate their jobs but are afraid to leave because they don't know what else to do? It is what i call wasting your talents.. It is paramount that your purpose be aligned with expressing who you are and using your natural gifts and talents to do the work you love.

You think you don't have any talent?
It's possible for you to learn to perform reasonably well in many areas where you have no particular talent, but it makes sense to try to find out what your talents are. You may have many talents you haven't discovered!

How can you discover what your hidden talents are?
Begin by thinking about what you enjoy doing. What you have fun doing can give you a big clue to finding where your talents lie. That is because we often enjoy doing what we are naturally good at.

Asking yourself
What you enjoy thinking about learning about. If you find yourself thinking about clothes or fashion, or if you like to make up songs or stories in your head, then you may be a talented designer or author without realizing it. What is your idea of a fascinating conversation topic? What subjects did you find most interesting at school or college? You often learn and progress quickly in areas where you have real talent.
Your talent is God's gift to you.What you do with it is your gift back to God.
 Don't waste it.

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